The international cargo transportation

«United-Cargo» company offers all kinds of the forwarding services connected with long-distance and international transportations of cargoes, export-import and transit cargoes for legal and physical persons.

All kinds of forwarding services

We will organize transportation of your cargoes across Belarus, CIS, Baltic States and Europe, Russia, USA, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, China, Vietnam and back.

A lot of people move from place to place in search of work, study, moving. We will help you with it! Our company carries out development of a route, the organization of delivery, packing, warehousing and transportation of personal things of phusical person on the basis of the contractual relation.

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Shipping, trucking, customs, and insurance with United-Cargo

We offer the following services:

  • export and import door-to-door delivery from / in all ports, stations, world points according to your instructions;
  • we will find the best way of transportation working out the proper routing and providing you with the proper transport from a wide range of special trucks ;
  • cargo insurance;
  • customs registration;
  • cargo handling at special customer requirements.
  • multimodal transportations

We offer organization and transportation of bulky, assorted cargo and dangerous goods. We will quickly deliver your cargo according to all your wishes and provide you with the best price for the chosen delivery.

Qualitatively and in time we will provide:

  • delivery of cargo according to the scheme “from a door to a door” from/to all ports, stations, points of the world according to your instructions;
  • selection and giving of the rolling stock;
  • optimum scheme of transportation;
  • insurance of cargo;
  • customs clearance;
  • reception and processing of cagro;
  • we will deliver freights assembly, large-size, dangerous, loose, etc.

We will bring your freight quickly, having completely executed your wishes, perfectly safe and at the admissible price!

Shipping zones

  • Russia – Europe
  • Europe – Russia
  • Europa – Australia
  • Australia – Europe
  • Europe – USA
  • Europe – Canada
  • Europe – South America
  • USA – Europe
  • Canada – Europe
  • South America – Europe
  • United Arab Emirates, Qatar, China, Vietnam and back.

All questions will be answered by our managers and experts. Order transportation of personal things from «United-Cargo» !